Extra High Pus Performance Premium Gasoline Engine Oil SAE 5W40

NOMEX NOBO SUPER API N 5W40 is a super high performance fully synthetic, API registered premium gasoline engine oils designed to provide a high level of performance and protection under most operationg conditions. The oil is foumulated from high quality base oils combined with modern performance additives.

NOMEX NOBO SUPER is a super high performance motro oil, COOLS the engine, CLEAMS the ubricated parts and PROTECTS against wear. NOMEX NOBO SUPER is a super high performance premium gaoline engine oil. Meet the API Level SN. Recommended for premium gasoline engine of passenger cars and delivery vans. Sustains extreme climate coditions nd servere service inductd by heavy traffic in modern cities. Made from 100% virgin base oil. German and American Technoloty U.A.E.

Packaging: 4Liter